July 13, 2014

Project Tango scheduled to berth onto the ISS on Wednesday, July 16, 6:39 am EDT

Orbital's Cygnus spacecraft holding supplies, food, including Project Tango, launched into orbit today! (Mission info on today's launch: Orbital)

A 1 min video showing how Project Tango will work with the NASA robot spheres:

The Cygnus spacecraft is loaded onto the payload of the Antares rocket. The Antares is the vehicle that launches the Cygnus to space. (source: NASA's Press Kit for Orb2)

This image shows the rocket components that will be separated during the launch to finally release the Cygnus into orbit:

Here's a great 2 min highlights video of the first Antares launch. Today was the 2nd of 8 resupply mission NASA has commissioned from Orbital. (sourc: IFLS). I love the many closeups of the rocket launching! Watching the launch, the most momentous moments for me were the MECO stage (main engine cut off), stage one separation, and the Fairing Separation.

July 12, 2014

Reading for the visually impaired

IFLS shared this research project from MIT:

I taught English to the visually impaired for many years. So my first 5 second impression on the usability:
  • the user will need to figure out how tall the line height is for this particular book
  • how does the user know where the text start on the page
  • Text flowing around photos may be tricky too.
But perhaps the user can adapt easily. It would be great to see the usability studies.

Great stuff! Thanks MIT's Patti Maes for sponsoring this project!

July 10, 2014

Improved Disposable Lid for Cups

Great simple design by Viora improving the little moments of our lives.

The sipping hole opens into a valley instead at the top.

Picture sources: Gizmodo

I'd love to make some 3d models and test the liquid behavior!
Great kinds of projects to come across and would love to partake in.
Unfortunately, I'm a bubble tea sort of person, so these kinds of lids are not used.
Ultimately all a lot of consumer waste :-(

July 1, 2014

Chimes for Autism. Tyler's Story

Learning about the different facets of humanity is what is so exciting for me in the user experience field.

To get the selection of notes in a chime, it is apparently chosen from a song as shown in these Woodstock Chimes.

As a consumer who can only imagine having 1 wind chime at 1 house, I only considered the superficial experience of whether I liked the combination of notes in a chime and whether it produced notes in the rounder sound quality that I preferred.

It's an inspiration to see Tyler's passion from chimes -- to go so deep to researching and appreciating the mechanism of an object.
It reminds me to stay curious and appreciate all in the world around us.

January 1, 2014

Red Bull Marketing

whoever started the idea of using cool feats to represent red bull is great. it's a very easy momentum to keep building the brand on. gd execution team.

Bonus, more work for bike parkour stunt men & women!

December 31, 2013

Soldering the Octolively Kit

Note, I decided to solder the switch on the front of the board as the instructions say is an option; this way we can turn on the board as we play with it more easily!

Here are my learnings:

These were so tiny, but they are in the kit! So look for them before you solder the LEDs since the LEDs are much taller and you'll have to otherwise hold the 6 pin onto the board and potentially burn your finger like I did… haha ;-)

Evil Mad Scientist's kits:

The $90 Spark Fun Kit is also highly recommended.
Over the Christmas break we played with it with our 7 year old niece and 11 year old nephew.
The 7 year old had just enough motor control to place all the leads into the breadboard, whereas the 11 year old was programming combined exercises together -- sound + buttons, morse code, reaction game, ...